Alfred De Breanski Snr



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Alfred De Breanski Snr was born in 1852 in Greenwich, England to Léopold Stanlislas de Breanski, a Polish immigrant. He was the older brother to the seascape painter Gustave de Breanski and artist Julie. Breanski became a very accomplished and prolific landscape painter and gained fame for his amazing, spectacular and breath taking views of the Scottish and Welsh Highlands, usually bathed in the purple, rosy glow of dusk.  

Breanski first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1872 and continued to do so until 1918.  He also exhibited at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the Royal Cambrian Academy and the New Watercolour Society. Following his first exhibition at the Academy, Breanski married a Welsh painter by the name of Annie Roberts. They went on to have seven children including Alfred Fontville de Breanski Jnr who followed in his father’s footsteps.

For much of his life Breanski lived in Greenwich, Lewisham and Cookham and there he also painted views along the Thames where he kept a houseboat. In 1880 he became a Freeman of the City of London. His many patrons included Sir James Lemon and the Bishop of Peterborough. 

Breanski’s paintings are represented in several museums in the British Isles and worldwide including Southampton Art Gallery, the Laing Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne and the Sydney Museum.

Alfred De Breanski Snr passed away in London during 1928 aged 76.