Antonietta Brandeis



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Antonietta Brandeis was born in the small Bohemian village of Miskowitz in 1848 and following the death of her father when she was still relatively young, her mother, Giuseppina Dravhozvall, married the Venetian Giovanni Nobile Scaramella and shortly afterwards, the family relocated to Venice. At some point in the 1860s, Brandeis had begun studying painting with one of the founders of Czech historical painting, Karel Javurek (1815-1909). Brandeis studied with Javurek for a brief period after which she enrolled in the Venetian Academy of Fine Arts (one of the first women to do so) under the tutelage of the Italian neo-classicist painter Girolamo Michelangelo Grigoletti and Napoleone Nani for life drawing, Domenico Bresolin for landscape, Pompeo Marino Molmenti for painting and Federico Moja for perspective.

She graduated in 1872 with a number of honours to her credit, and an award in landscape painting. After graduation, Brandeis began to establish a career as a landscape painter in Venice. In 1873, she showed four paintings at the annual November exposition at the Academy; these included one portrait, two landscapes, and one ‘vedute’ (Italian word for view) of the Grand Canal. She continued to exhibit regularly at the annual openings at the Academy whilst also gaining commercial success selling small scale paintings to visiting foreign tourists mainly from England, Austria and Germany that flocked to Venice and wanted souvenirs to take back home.

Brandeis is known to have used the male pseudonym ‘Antonio Brandeis ‘to sign her paintings. In addition to this, Brandeis also painted a few known altarpieces including ‘Madonna and Child with St. Vitus’ at the Church of St. Vitus, a copy of the central panel of Giovanni Bellini’s triptych from the Venetian Church of Santa Maria dei Frari Gloriosa, a St Luke for the main altar of the chapel of St. Luke in the Korcula town cemetery and ‘the presentation of the Christ in the temple’ at the church of our lady at Carmel.

From what else little is known of her personal life, Brandeis married at the age of 49 to Antonia Zamboni in 1897 and following his death in 1909, Brandeis took up residence in Florence on via Mannelli, where she continued to paint in her studio until her death on March 20, 1926.