Augustus Edwin Mulready



Artist's Biography & Works For Sale

Augustus Edwin Mulready was the grandson of the famous and celebrated Irish artist William Mulready R.A (1786-1863). William Mulready had three sons Paul Augustus (1805-1864), William (1805-1878), and Michael (1807-1889). Augustus Edwin Mulready was the son of William Jnr and he was born in 1844 in London as the third of five children.

Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Augustus trained to be an artist. He became a social realist genre painter and thus his works often depict vulnerable impoverished people or orphaned and homeless children in the streets of London trying to make money by selling flowers/ newspapers, cross sweeping etc., with an interesting addition of street posters in the background with an underlying message, for example the painting  ‘The Flower Girl’ (1872) a young poor girl wearing dishevelled clothes selling flowers in the streets of London and the poster reads ‘ Wednesday a great meeting for the foreign aid society’.

Mulready exhibited 12 paintings at the Royal Academy between 1863 and 1880. Among those were, ‘Uncared For’, Uninvited’, Left to Herself’, ‘Remembering Joys of Summer’, ‘A little Creditor’, ‘An aged Lady’, ‘Wildflowers’ and ‘A recess on a London Bridge’. He also showed his works in other prominent galleries of the time.

Augustus Edwin Mulready died in 1904.