I have a little story to tell. In fact two stories. They are actually both the same really so I will wrap them into the same blog. One piece of advice to other gallery owners though - never judge a book by its' cover! What I mean to say is never judge the person who comes through the front door! A recent example demonstrated to me just how judgemental I might be. It had been a trying day with lots of lookers but no buyers and I was beginning to wonder where all the purposeful buyers might have gone when suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door and immediately asked my two visitors to mind their way down our front step. We have had a few near misses and the first lady coming in was quite elderly and using a walking stick, the second was her daughter. They had come to see the works by Clive Madgwick. As the elderly lady looked at the first one I wondered in my mind if the price tag of £1450 might be too much for her. I had imagined the days when she might have earnt ten bob a week and thought the idea of paying this princely sum for a painting unimaginable. After browsing the ten or so Madgwick paintings she then turned and asked me where the painting was with the donkey in it. It was then that I realised she had been in before. The painting she was enquiring about was a lovely farm scene by the artist Walter Hunt and yes we did still have it. She beamed as her eyes saw it for the second time. I explained that it was nearly ten thousand pounds and asked if was this too much and she replied 'that's doable' To cut a long story short, she now has the painting on her living room wall. She is 91 next month. I thought what a great thing to treat yourself. The second half of the story is about a nice gentleman who came in treat himself also. He too liked the work of Clive Madgwick and when he got one from his family for his 90th birthday he couldn't resist coming in to add to his collection, so now he has two. I say congratulations to the nonagenerians, they really are trailblazers.