Flower paintings by Cecil Kennedy

As a gallery owner, it is always pleasing to help a prospective buyer find the painting they really want to purchase but in the case of two recent sales I have to be honest and say the artist's work has sold itself! All we have had to do is wait calmly for the buyer to say 'right ok I have made my choice'. It does help of course when there is a good selection and in the case of flower paintings by Cecil Kennedy we always have a good choice. Until recently we had six to choose from but that is now down to four. Our two sales have been very rewarding, not just because we got a sale but because we really did help satisfy the demand of two discerning buyers. The first buyer was from the USA and we shipped the painting all the way to West Virginia. The second buyer was much more local and it travelled just down the road, over the county border and into Essex! It is interesting to note that in each case the buyers were torn between two examples that they really liked and their hardest decision was 'which one shall I have'. It really was a case of the work by the artist being so tempting. Anyway, two really satisfied clients and new homes for the work of Cecil Kennedy. For more detials of our stock please visit the Modern British section of our website.

Cecil Kennedy Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers, canvas size 30 x 25 inches, by Cecil Kennedy

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