Happy New Year

Well where has the year gone? I don't know about you but the year has totally flown by and soon we will be celebrating the arrival of 2018. I wonder what the New Year will bring? It is a great time to reflect. In doing so we ask ourselves about the highs and lows of the present year. The highs surely has to include our two nonogenarians who bought paintings this year, both lovely people and we do hope to see them again soon. Also on this list must include the large numbers of people who have purchased the work of Clive Madgwick this year. We have sold around 40 works since the turn of 2017 and they are still selling well. So a big thank you to all the Madgwick lovers out there. On the low side, I haven't been too well lately and have been into hospital. Not just any hospital, but the 'great Addenbrookes Hospital' They are fixing me up and so soon I hope this will become a high point for 2018! There aren't too many other low moments but I do find it exasperating when folk leave a review on trip advisor about our gallery. Firstly, we don't subscribe to tripadvisor, secondly we are not an attraction or a 'thing to do'. But nevertheless some people seem to think that leaving bad reviews is a necessity. One kind fellow suggested he would like my business to fail, well what a lovely thing to say. Another wrote 3 bad reviews in one day because he was so mad he had been refused entry. Oh dear, surely I must let in all the time wasters, rogues, vagabonds and nasty people to ruin each and every day according to him. Nope, that won't be happening, we only let in people with a purpose and those we want to. People with a real interest in buying quality art. It is our prerogative. We are a high quality gallery and it will stay that way. If we allow everybody to come in we will become a 'browsing shop for the general public' and that I am afraid is not what we are. I am personally looking forward to the New Year and may 2018 be happy and successful

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