Cornelis Christiaan Dommersen



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Cornelis Christiaan Dommersen was the younger brother of Pieter Cornelis Dommersen (1833-1918). He was born in Utrecht in 1842 as an illegitimate son of Cornelia Henriette Dommershuizen. Like his brother Pieter, he became a painter and watercolourist of mainly  coastal and river landscapes, capturing the interior of villages and towns along rivers – a genre which had a revival during the 19th Century.

Dommersen travelled with his brother and Nephew to various countries to paint and at one point they settled in England where his brother exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Suffolk Street Galleries and the British Institute.  

Works by the two Dommersen brothers can be found in museums in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and many in the United Kingdom.