New Zealand

Artist's Biography & Works For Sale 

Darren Roberts was born and raised in the south of New Zealand, His love of art was evident from an early age. Hours spent sketching on the living room floor and art study at school hinted at his post-school transition into illustrating and graphic design.

Inspired by past masters such as Sargent, Rembrandt, Bierstadt, and current masters including Dennis Doheny, and Scott Burdick he strives to find the magic in the world around him in his home town of Queenstown.

Darren in his own words says his aim is to make the paint sing. He wants the subject to jump off the canvas with life and colour and in the process give permanence to life's beautiful moments. He looks for those rare combinations of fleeting light and form that epitomize the almost unbelievable grandeur and wonder of nature.