Edmond Louis Dupain



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Edmond Louis Dupain was born in Bordeaux France in 1847.  He studied under the academic painter and teacher Professor Alexandre Cabanel at the École des Beaux-Arts and Jean-Marie-Oscar Gué (1809-1877).

Dupain focused on painting genre, portraits, and coastal scenes usually with elegant ladies taking idyllic walks alongside a companion or alone with one or two greyhounds. Dupain also painted mythological subjects and in 1880, he was commissioned to complete a grand allegorical painting of Venus transiting the sun the second time in the 19th century. The painting, completed in 1886, now adorns the ceiling of the western rotunda of the Perrault wing of the Paris Observatory.

Dupain exhibited regularly in the Salon des artistes and for his efforts was awarded le Medaille a l’ Exposition Universelles.

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