Eugenio Eduardo Zampighi



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Eugenio Eduardo Zampighi was born in Modena, Italy on 17th October 1859. He showed a keen interest in art when he was very young and at the age of thirteen he attended the Academy of Design. Zampighi completed the course winning six first class medals in the examinations. At the age of twenty, he won a scholarship and subsequently spent three years in Rome.  He was very successful in the yearly examinations and he was invited to become an honourable member of the Modena Academy. Zampighi spent the last year of his scholarship in Florence and he decided to settle there in 1884. It was here that he began to paint his well-known genre subjects. These were readily sold and he received many commissions from local dealers and from abroad.

After executing a large painting that was exhibited in the hall of the Modena Academy, the degree of Professor was conferred upon him by the Council of the Academy. Zampighi then devoted himself to figure painting, depicting scenes of domestic life of his countrymen. These paintings are very pleasing compositions with lively colouring and are his best known works.

Zampighi died in Maranello in 1944. The museum of Modern Art in Modena has examples of his works.