Franz Richard Unterberger



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Franz Richard Unterberger was born in Innsbruck, Austria. He studied at the Academy of Munich under Clemens von Zimmermann (1788-1869) and Julius Lange (1817-1878). Following this, he attended the Academy of Weimar before moving to Dusseldorf to work with Oswald von Achenbach (1827-1905) at the Academy of Dusseldorf.

Unterberger soon built a good reputation in the great guild of European painters. His pictures were well known in the Paris Salon, the Munich Glaspalast, and in Vienna, Berlin and London, not to mention Brussels, which had become his second home, initially having moved there in 1864.

Even though modernists and abstract painters were disdainful for some decades of the poster-like quality of virtuoso landscape painting, art lovers and collectors guaranteed the survival of Salon art and hence of artists like Unterberger.