George Armfield



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George Armfield Smith was born in Bristol in 1809 to the portrait painter William Armfield Hobday (1771-1831). He received his artistic tutelage from his father and at the age of sixteen devoted his life entirely to painting following an abortive apprenticeship as a maker of fishing tackle. George focused mainly on animal subjects because at the time, there was an increasing demand for them. He painted all manner of dogs including terriers, spaniels and setters. He also painted, rabbits, horses, hedgehogs and birds

George Armfield started exhibiting in the Royal Academy during the mid to late 1830’s onwards where he exhibited more than 35 works. He also exhibited at the British Institution in 1839 where he showed two pictures, the Study of a Dog's Head and Terrier chasing a Rabbit. In his life time, George Armfield became a very successful painter with over 100 paintings exhibited at the main London exhibition halls. He received numerous commissions especially for horse and dog portraits which earned him a regular steady income

George Armfield’s works are in many private and public collections world-wide and he is still regarded as one of Britain’s finest animal painters.

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