Georges Croegaert



Artist's Biography & Works For Sale


Georges Croegaert was born in Belgium in 1848 and spent his boyhood there until 1880 when he moved and settled in Paris. Croegaert’s fame is due to his meticulous and highly detailed paintings of cardinals - a genre that had become increasingly popular in the late nineteenth century. Also known as ‘anti-clerical painting, it generally portrayed clergy, especially Roman Catholic clergy in uncomplimentary yet sometimes humorous contexts.

He was one of the few artists allowed to enter the private apartments of the cardinals, where he painted them at work or leisure. Croegaert also painted portraits of fashionable women at the height of “Le Belle Epoch’’ as well as other subjects. Croegaert exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1882 to 1914 and in Vienna in 1888 to great critical acclaim.

His paintings were popular throughout Europe and the United States. Following a very successful career, Georges Croegaert passed in 1923.

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