Helen Bradley MBE



Artist's Biography & Works For Sale

Helen Bradley was born on the 20th of November 1900 at Lees, a village just outside of Oldham, Lancashire. She began her art education at the age of 13, winning the John Platt scholarship to Oldham Art School in 1913, however, due to the war and not very encouraging parents, she gave up on further artistic training and instead got married and devoted her life to the family.

Helen’s love of painting was resurrected when her grandchildren enquired about her own childhood in the Edwardian era and to demonstrate, she began writing stories from her childhood memories and then painting them in a simplistic and narrative style which proved a success, consequently gaining her international acclaim. During the 1960’s Helen met the renowned artist L.S Lowry and he may have had some influence on her painting style. Helen exhibited her works in a few places including a sold out exhibition at the Carter Gallery in Los Angeles during 1968.

In 1971, Jonathan Cape published the first of four books based on her stories and paintings. "And Miss Carter wore pink". This was an instant success and German, French, Dutch and Japanese editions were published and a special edition was produced for the U.S.A. The other three books are "Miss Carter came with us", "In the beginning said Great Aunt Jane" and "The Queen who came to tea".

Helen also made several T.V and radio appearances and was featured in several magazines. She was awarded an M.B.E. for services to the arts but sadly had passed away before she could receive this great honour from Her Majesty The Queen.

Helen Bradley's “four seasons” painting sold for a record £170,000 at Bonham’s, London in 2013.

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