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Lewis is an Indigenous Australian from the York Peninsula in South Australia. He is a descendent of the Narrunga tribe. Lewis has been a professional artist for more than twenty years.

In traditional Aboriginal society, painting took the place of written language and together with storytelling and dance were used to pass knowledge from one generation to the other centred mainly on the ‘Dreamtime’- A Period in which the Aborigines believe the world was created.

Dot painting in the main was used to hide sacred and secret knowledge from European settlers or non-initiates. These dots, also referred to as over dotting obscure the iconology or symbols beneath. Although the symbols vary from region to region, they are generally well understood as they depict every day traditional Aboriginal life. They can vary from the very finest made using sticks to the very largest, wild and colourful measuring about 4cms in diameter.

Lewis’s work is profoundly spiritual, his dot technique is relaxed, and his complex use of traditional colours add an astounding depth to the paintings inviting the viewer to experience the intimate mutual interconnection in the web of nature.