Marcel Dyf


1899 - 1985

Artist's Biography & Works For Sale 

Marcel Dyf was born as Marcel Dreyfus in Paris on October 7, 1899. He grew up in Normandy, in the towns of Ault, Deauville and Trouville. He started a career as an engineer, but at age 23 decided to teach himself to paint. Dyf was influenced and inspired by the impressionists and post impressionists artists.

Marcel Dyf set up a studio in Arles in 1922 and began his career as a landscape artist, painting views of the surrounding countryside. His work began to attract attention from collectors and dealers and it was not long before he began exhibiting at the Salon des Artists Français, Salon d'Autumn and Salon des Tulleries. His most successful exhibitions were those at the Petrides Gallery in Paris in 1949, 1951 and 1953. The National Display Gallery at the Carnegie Institute also asked him to exhibit in 1950. It was also around this time he set up a studio in Cannes and a few years later he married one of his models, Claudine Godet.

Marcel Dyf and his wife travelled far and wide hunting for subject matter, he painted a substantial number of marine paintings, landscapes, nudes and floral scenes. His paintings are noted for their great impasto. Marcel Dyf died in 1985.

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