Sir Alfred Augustus Glendening Snr



Artist's Biography & Works For Sale

 Alfred Augustus Glendening Snr was born in Hampton Middlesex as the third son of James Glendening and Sarah Chandler. His two older brothers were Thomas Montague Glendening and George Frederick Glendening.

Glendening became a highly accomplished landscape painter and in 1864 he showed ‘Morning on Grassmore Lake’ at The Royal Society of British Artists and the following year he exhibited ‘A Corn Field - Kent’ at The Royal Academy. This was followed by another 47 paintings at the Royal Academy which included ‘Under the Beeches’ (1875) and ‘In the meadow Youngsbury’ (1900). He also exhibited a further 77 works at the Royal Society of British Artists and numerous others at the British Institution.

Glendening along with painters like Sidney Richard Percy (1821-1886), Benjamin Williams Leader (1831-1923), H.J. Boddington (1811-1865), William Gosling (1824-1883), Alfred de Breanski Snr (1852-1928) and William Jutsum (1816-1869) were amongst the most popular landscape artists of their time. Glendening also tutored his son Alfred Glendening Jnr (1840-1921). Glendening Jnr exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1881 onwards and was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1891.