Born 1965

Artist's Biography & Works For Sale 

Tony Karpinski was born in Westminster in 1965. From an early age he was capturing and recreating as art the world as he perceived it. His education in art began, and continues, by reflecting this world.

As a young artist he was commissioned to create several pastiches of Dutch masters and it was here that he developed his mastery of oils. Tony's life changed forever when he was introduced to the wildlife paintings of Wilhelm Kuhnert (1865-1926). They were truly inspirational. This led to the start of Tony's journeys to Africa. What followed, and continues to this day, is a unique, impressive and prestigious collection of wonderful paintings.

Tony travels to Africa to immerse himself in the landscapes and animals that become his art. There he grasps their essence and spirit and then encapsulates these through the medium of oils onto board and canvas.

This collection of paintings, whether it be African wildlife, exquisite nudes, evocative Venice pieces, and whatever else the future may hold, all have certain elements in common - a capturing of a mood and atmosphere, a glowing vibrancy and realism, and yet a freshness unequalled elsewhere in the world of art today.